I am still moved today thinking of your inspirational words yesterday. You live your message of holding two opposing emotions at the same time. You were serious and laughing. Your message was deep and you were light. You were strong and vulnerable. There was pain and healing. And you were beautifully, authentically you. You have found your spark and are doing what you were meant to do.
– Paula Lowe

Rachel – We who were there to hear you speak had immense gratitude for your inspiration of how to live life… especially unimaginable tragedy… through grace, strength, love, humor, openness, thoughtfulness, and so much more. Your words touched my heart, your insight helped my mind, and your friendship gives me a path to the future. So blessed and grateful, as are all your friends and family, to have you in our lives. Your soul, authentic nature, smile and presence light up every room.
– Tina S.

Rachel, I truly believe your prayers were answered as you spoke confidently with beautiful words of inspiration! You touched my soul and maintained your adorable sense of humor. You have effervescent beauty!
– Melissa Polott

You make me think, you make me care, you make me laugh…you make me a better person! Love your Sparkles!
– Risa Yaffe

May all who need healing and comfort be comforted by your wisdom and thoughts.
– Nancee Gross

Loved your message!! So true & insightful. Thanks for all the wisdom your Sparkles give us.
– Diane Kozuch

Dear Rachel, such a beautiful and important message. Thank you for your wisdom and your commitment to share it.
– Barbara Guterman

What a most special Sparkle of Shabbat, Rachel. You share with such grace, hope, much love and inspiration
– Judy Kalman

Thanks for always being an inspiration to me. Your Sparkles unleash my learning and personal growth.
– Arlene Karpas